To me, exercising and eating healthily is not about trying to fit in with the beauty standards dictated by commercial industries, but about feeling strong and good about oneself. The lifestyle I choose to lead is not motivated by trying to look like the unachievable perfection of manipulated images, but to make me feel empowered and happy. And that’s what I really want to share with others.


  • We have really enjoyed having Nathalie teach us yoga at Hopster. With mixed levels of experience from our side, she made the classes varied and challenging for all. Our Tuesday yoga has been a great way to relax after the work day, and we've all seen improvements since we started - including being able to do headstands!

    Thanks Nathalie!

    Ellen S. (Jan 2017) Hopster
  • Many thanks Nathalie for the meditation workshop. That was a really good session and people felt the benefits of it already.

    Mickael L. (Apr 2016) Tictrac
  • I have attended Nathalie's Outdoor Bootcamp class at Sweaty Betty Canary Wharf (Cabot Place) last Tuesday and can't recommend it enough! Nathalie's instructions were really easy to follow. She always demonstrated every single exercise herself with a perfect form and would correct us every time we weren't doing it in the right way. The outdoor space she choose was absolutely stunning - we were at Canary Wharf pier with the most beautiful view of the city of London. And to top all this this class is free! If you can make it don't miss this fantastic full body workout every Tuesday!

    Joana M. (Jan 2016) Canary Wharf
  • I attend a meditation at Manor House Gardens on Thursday morning from 9.30pm-10.00. I find it easy to follow Natalie's guided instructions, she is mindful of aches and pains and suggests manners of seating to be comfortable. I am able to let go and feel very at ease during the meditation and each week, a different method of Mindful Meditation is used, body scan,elements and acknowledgement and breathing techniques. I highly recommend Nathalie as a leader in these field as I feel very calm and less anxious and more aware once I have attended. I practice the breathing in my daily life as a coping mechanism, thank you Nathalie.

    Terri S. (Jul 2015) Grove Park
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