Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are hot topics nowadays.
Many studies and articles detail the numerous benefits of such practices, and in the corporate environment these translate into:

  • a reduction in sick leave
  • a reduction in stress
  • a reduction in staff turnover
  • an increase in performance and productivity
  • an increase in employee wellbeing and motivation

Invest in your employee wellness and keep productivity levels to a maximum!

My offer:

I hold sessions of variable lengths (depending on requirements) on-site at a convenient time agreed with you. All classes can be booked as a one-off or as a weekly event.

  • For yoga sessions, as long as you have a room with enough space for people to lie down with spread arms, we’re good to go!
    All my yoga classes include relaxation, stretching and steady postures that focus on opening the chest and extending the back (a specific need for office workers sitting all day and working on computers) and will leave the staff happy and energised.
  • For meditation sessions, all that is needed is a quiet room with chairs. No specific outfit is required, although comfortable clothes are ideal.
    Sessions are open to all, from people who have never meditated before to regular practitioners.
    My meditation methods focus on breathing, body scan and visualisation.
    I always include time for feedback and questions at the end of the meditation.
  • I also offer one off workshops on mindfulness with meditation practice. It’s a great way to introduce people to meditation and give tips for everyday mindfulness.

For more details, pricing or any questions, please email me here.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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